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In Psalm 23, God reveals himself to us as the Great Shepherd who promises to take special care of us. The key to a blessed life is following our Shepherd wherever he leads.

The Nature of the Shepherd | Brad Cooper

Duration: 41:18 180

Every person who tries to live life on their terms will soon discover they're just like sheep — spiritually defenseless, directionless, and dumb. Jesus promises He is present, personal and active in our lives if we hear His voice and let him lead us.

Rest | Dan Lian

Duration: 41:54 221

Resting comes first in our relationship with God — not service, sacrifice, or religious works. God designed us to accomplish our work from a place of rest, with the help of daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms of rest. Learn why resting in God and enjoying Him is the only way to restore our souls.

Paths of Righteousness | Clayton King

Duration: 40:19 151

Jesus is not a cowboy who drives us with a whip. He's a good shepherd who leads us with love. We can go our own way, or we can follow Him down the path of righteousness. One is path is easy, the other is not. One path leads to regret, the other will not. Discover the difference between the two and how to change the path you’re on.

Shadow of Death | Dan Lian

Duration: 44:10 144

Life is a series of mountaintop experiences and valley seasons. As easy as it is to declare, “Thank you, God!” on the mountaintop, it’s also easy to wonder, “Where are you, God?” in the valley. The Good Shepherd is with us in the valley and wants to teach us some things along the way if we’ll let Him.

He Prepares a Table for Me | Louie Giglio

Duration: 41:51 157

The Lord prepares a table for us in the presence of our enemies. At the table, we find rest and refreshment. But if we're not careful, the enemy will pull up a seat at this table meant your Shepherd and you. Don't be fooled by the enemy's smooth talking, he is only there to kill, steal, and destroy. Has your table of two become a table of three? Watch now to discover if the enemy is at your table.

Goodness and Mercy | Clayton King

Duration: 43:36 163

You can be certain that God is good, He loves you, He keeps His promises, and that Jesus is alive! You can also be certain that if you follow the Good Shepherd, good things will follow you.