Real Hapiness

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College graduation. New career. New car. Girlfriend. Boyfriend. Wedding. Marriage. House. Baby. Happiness? The trajectory of our lives strives towards what’s supposed to mean more happiness or at least the anticipation of it, but what do we really have? This summer, join us as we learn how to hack our happiness so we can move past a quick fix and find what’s Beyond Happy. This is the perfect series to bring a friend and hold a puppy.

Real Happiness | Matt Brown

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Graduation. Career. Car. Girlfriend. Boyfriend. Wedding. Marriage. New house. Baby. Happiness? The trajectory of our lives strives towards more happiness or at least the anticipation of happy, but what makes it long lasting?

How To Hold On To Happiness | Matt Brown

Duration: 43:00 38

What is it about happiness that seems so fleeting? We can experience a short wave of satisfaction and contentment, only to get caught in the tides of anxiety and despair -- it’s exhausting. Could this be all there is?

How To Be Truly Happy | Matt Brown

Duration: 40:44 25

When life is difficult, we often ask God to change our situation, but what if God wants you to change the way you see your situation? Our world, our thoughts, and our emotions may be out of control, but God is still in control. Way easier said than felt, right? If you know someone struggling to see the glass half full, this is the perfect video to invite them to watch. Pastor Matt Brown will teach us how to uncover pure joy and actually keep it.

How Jesus Can Make You Happy | Matt Brown

Duration: 44:10 29

Why do we place so much of our value on what we do for a living? We jump through hoops to “get that one job that will change everything,” only to find ourselves more stressed and miserable than before. If you know someone struggling with finding joy in their 9-to-5, invite them to watch this video. God has a purpose for our lives that has little to do with our careers and has everything to do with his church.

How to Find Joy in Your Imperfections | Matt Brown

Duration: 46:50 34

Why is it that we resolve to change things in our lives at the beginning of each year? What if instead, we allowed this summer to set the stage for our happiest and healthiest self. It's possible. If you know someone who is having difficulty finding strength in their struggle, share this video! Pastor Matt Brown gives us practical advice on how to find joy in our imperfections.

Finding Joy When You Struggle with Anxiety | Matt Brown

Duration: 43:44 20

What is it about summer that when it finally arrives, our anticipation melts into anxiety? That road trip becomes too “complicated,” the boss shortens vacation time, or the kids’ activities take over our own. What if instead of avoiding anxiety we could use it as a tool? If you know someone struggling with stress and worry, invite them to watch this video! Pastor Matt will be giving us real advice on how to turn those feelings into joy.