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We all have messages that play back in our mind. So… What do you usually think about? Think you’re not good enough? Smart enough? Think your life isn’t worth that much? Or that you’ve messed up too many times? Maybe you’re full of excuses as to why things never change. How do you change what you think about you? God has some surprising things to say about you. And some things to say about what you think about. It all hinges on the messages you play back in your mind. Changing your mind can change your life.

It’s All In Your Mind | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 37:43 126

Ask any professional athlete. The biggest battle is never on the field, the fairway, the diamond or rink: it’s in your mind. In part one of this series, we’ll look at what you think, and why what you think matters more than you think. Changing your mind can change your life.

Identify Yourself, Please | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 40:21 134

Ever wonder where your thoughts come from? Sure, some spring from your childhood or past experiences. But could there be a supernatural force behind your destructive thinking? Jesus called Satan was a liar, and today we’ll expose the lies that get planted in our heads.

Excuse Factory | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 38:18 120

If you really audit your thoughts, you’ll realize that you probably make a lot of excuses as to why you can’t be healthier, more positive, more faithful, more hopeful, more kind, more determined, more effective...more whatever. This week, we’ll look at why it’s time to stop making excuses, and how to do it.

Think Bigger | Carey Nieuwhof

Duration: 35:14 101

So if you’ve identified your excuses and negative thinking and taken every thought captive, what do you do next? You replace the negative with something far better. And far bigger. The Apostle Paul shows you exactly what to do to change your future.