I Am: Jesus in His Own Words

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Jesus has been called many things: prophet, teacher, man, God. But who did He say He was? And once you see who Jesus is, what does that mean for you and your life?

I Am the Bread of Life | Clayton King

Duration: 37:46 57

Jesus used the analogy of bread — a common, daily necessity in that time and culture — to explain how He sustains and satisfies people. You become what you consume, so come to the table and feast on the Bread of Life.

I Am the Light of the World | Dan Lian

Duration: 41:43 55

Jesus is the light who reveals God, exposes darkness, and transforms everything. He exposes and addresses your sin not to hurt you, but to help you and heal you.

I Am the Gate | Clayton King

Duration: 44:19 32

The door is always open; you always have a place in God’s family. Because of Jesus, we have access to God’s goodness, protection, and freedom.

I Am The Good Shepherd | Brad Cooper

Duration: 46:25 23

God is like Jesus, and Jesus is like the Good Shepherd. Jesus is personally active in your life, and He lays down His life for you.