• All By Myself | Carey Nieuwhof

    So many people are getting into spirituality, self-discovery, meditation, mindfulness and finding themselves. But is that all there is? Jesus gave us a powerful illustration of what happens when a person moves beyond themselves and connects with Him. It might be exactly what you’re missing.

  • At The Movies – Jurassic Park

    Genetically engineered dinosaurs brought back to life and put on display in a theme park? Sounds like a good plan... until it isn’t. The same thing happens when we answer the call of temptation. Join as we talk about dealing with powerful forces in life that are best left in the past.

  • No one is beyond the reach of God | Greg Laurie

    Have you ever thought about someone that would never listen to, much less, respond to the gospel? Pastor Greg Laurie shares why we should never think that way in his message, "No One Is Beyond the Reach of God", as we continue our study in the book of Daniel.

  • Easter | Craig Groeschel

    The deepest love poured out of the greatest sacrifice in history. A love that heals. A love that forgives. A love that welcomes. This Easter we celebrate the power of Christ’s resurrection! Download artwork, videos, and other elements for your church service.

All By Myself | Carey Nieuwhof
At The Movies – Jurassic Park
No one is beyond the reach of God | Greg Laurie
Seeing Resurrection Evidence Changes Everything | Derwin Gray
Easter | Craig Groeschel
Come Alive | Tim Harlow

Holy Spirit

The tomb is empty, and Jesus is alive. But it’s common for many to forget the Holy Spirit is Jesus in us and with us.

Who is Holy Spirit? What does He do? What are His gifts, and how do we experience Him? In this series, we remove the mystery that surrounds the third person of the Trinity. We are meant to know God the Holy Spirit as fully as we do God the Father and God the Son.


Why is the Church (Ekklesia) so important to Jesus and why does it matter to you? Join us for this series to learn more!


In “Listen,” Pastor J.D. teaches through the parables of Jesus, stories so simple a child can understand them, yet so profound that we can never exhaust their wealth of wisdom. In these stories, Jesus reveals the beauty of the gospel, but only for those whose heart is in a posture to perceive it—only for those who truly listen.

Invisible God

So God is invisible, and yet you’re supposed to have a relationship with him. How exactly does that work? Can you feel close to someone you can’t see? Should you even try to feel close? If you think of yourself as spiritual, is that enough? We’ll look at the best habits and practices that deeply connect people to an invisible God.

Wild Life with John Eldredge

Being a man doesn’t come with a field guide—but God promises something better. Join best-selling author of Wild at Heart, John Eldredge, and four guys like you who road-tripped to meet him. Eldredge addresses every man’s questions, wounds, relationships, and adventure through this interactive study.

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