• Leading Up – Part 2 | Craig Groeschel

    Craig tackles three more things that matter when you are leading up: motives, initiative, and truth.

  • Leading Up – Part 1 | Craig Groeschel

    "How do I lead when I'm not in charge?" In this episode, Craig tackles the podcast's most-asked listener question.

  • Challenging Your Faith | Matt Brown

    Having a tough week? Have you ever felt that life's circumstances have challenged your faith? Have you ever thought God has abandoned you because of the hard times in life? How do you react to people who challenge your faith? Do you fight back? Do you run and hide? Do you post a rant on social media? In this message, Pastor Matt shows us how a faith that is not challenged can lead us to trust in our desires over our beliefs and how we can trust God in hard times. Invite a friend to watch this with you.

  • Recommit 2 Compassion | Derwin Gray

    Today we discuss that by having compassion for others we are displaying God’s love to this world.

  • Dream Big & Show Up | Marcus Preciado

    In this message, Pastor Marcus reviews the Biblical story of Moses, who obeyed God and led the Israelites out of Egypt to challenge us to say yes to God and take the steps to follow the dreams that God has put in out heads.

Leading Up – Part 2 | Craig Groeschel
Leading Up – Part 1 | Craig Groeschel
Challenging Your Faith | Matt Brown
Recommit 2 Compassion | Derwin Gray
Dream Big & Show Up | Marcus Preciado
Behind the Veil | Tim Harlow

Smoke From A Fire

St. Augustine once said that our deepest emotions often function like smoke from a fire: They can indicate what is going wrong in our hearts before we can articulate it. In this series, Pastor J.D. shows us that the aim of the Bible’s teaching on emotions isn’t to suppress them or even to manage them, but to read them accurately, express them honestly, and allow the gospel reshape them completely.

The Third Option

Having personally experienced racism and witnessed its devastating effect on communities, Pastor Miles understands the racial divide happening throughout our nation. Many people are looking for the solution in the wrong places. We have been taught to choose a side and take a stand against a group of people as part of the us vs. them culture. But what if God is asking us to do something different? Culture has shaped the way we all view race and whether we realize it or not, we all have blind spots that prevent us from honoring the image of God found in every person.

In this 5-part series, we learn about The Third [...]

Relational Vampires

There are some people that just seem to suck the life out of us. Some are endlessly needy; others complain. Some you can’t trust because they’re manipulative, or just hypocrites. We know we’re supposed to love them, but honestly, sometimes it’s just plain difficult. In this series, we’ll be putting a name to this type of person: Relational Vampires. We’ll recognize that these people are all around us draining our energy, and that it’s easy to fall under their spell and become vampires ourselves. Instead of running from or fighting with these vampires, though, we will learn how God can use us to bring love into their lives.

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