• Hope Heals | Katherine and Jay Wolf

    Katherine and Jay Wolf, founders of Hope Heals, shared how God can use even the darkest of circumstances for good.

  • Paths of Righteousness | Clayton King

    Jesus is not a cowboy who drives us with a whip. He's a good shepherd who leads us with love. We can go our own way, or we can follow Him down the path of righteousness. One is path is easy, the other is not. One path leads to regret, the other will not. Discover the difference between the two and how to change the path you’re on.

  • Anger to Gratitude | Carey Nieuwhof

    In a world of outrage, it’s easy to be angry. Whether your anger shows up in private, public or whether it’s just something you feel but rarely show, what’s underneath that? We’ll look at where your anger comes from, how to deal with it, and how to replace it with a profound gratitude.

  • Real Happiness | Matt Brown

    Graduation. Career. Car. Girlfriend. Boyfriend. Wedding. Marriage. New house. Baby. Happiness? The trajectory of our lives strives towards more happiness or at least the anticipation of happy, but what makes it long lasting?

Hope Heals | Katherine and Jay Wolf
The Road to Restoration | Shawn Williams
Paths of Righteousness | Clayton King
Up Next | Léonce Crump
Anger to Gratitude | Carey Nieuwhof
Real Happiness | Matt Brown


Rooted is a simple, proven method to make disciples.

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As much as we like our shoes, we need to occasionally step into others, or at least try them on. When we walk in each other’s shoes and try to understand and empathize with each other, our capacity to love expands. We become more patient, more kind, more gentle, less judgmental, and less cynical. In this series, we’re going to be putting ourselves in the shoes of different people who encountered Jesus.

Real Hapiness

College graduation. New career. New car. Girlfriend. Boyfriend. Wedding. Marriage. House. Baby. Happiness? The trajectory of our lives strives towards what’s supposed to mean more happiness or at least the anticipation of it, but what do we really have? This summer, join us as we learn how to hack our happiness so we can move past a quick fix and find what’s Beyond Happy. This is the perfect series to bring a friend and hold a puppy.


In Psalm 23, God reveals himself to us as the Great Shepherd who promises to take special care of us. The key to a blessed life is following our Shepherd wherever he leads.


When you make a choice, its effects ripple further than you can see. When you plant a seed and nourish it, it can grow beyond your wildest expectations. And when you add to the work God is doing, He can multiply it into something Exponential.

This three-week series explains that God has a different economy than we do, and that His ways are higher than ours. When we’re generous with our time, energy, money, or talents, He can cause them to affect more people than we could every imagine.

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